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Masscot Internet, Inc. Web Design ServicesWeb site design and development by Masscot begins with an initial meeting with you, our client. This meeting may be in person, by phone, or through our online support system. Our support system is highly advanced and links you to our entire staff and automatically tracks all information about our projects from conception to completion and beyond. Our support system is available around the clock, is totally transparent, and allows you to be involved in your site’s construction.

The Learning Stage

To start your new web site, we gather information about you and your organization including your company history, the experience and training for yourself and key personnel. We may ask you about your target audience, and about what you hope to accomplish with your new web site. We will request graphics and videos if available. You may ask us to take new photos or shoot HD Video for you web site. Once we obtain your information, we also research your major competitors and review other sites about your industry to help us learn what we need to know to help you get the best possible result from your new web site.

Web Site Design

Web design is the creation of the look or theme of the site. We will work to make your site stand out as well as make it relate to your company’s established image by incorporating your logo, company colors, and style. We can also give you a fresh look to serve as the basis of a new image for your company to if you wish.

Web Site Development

The development stage is where we sort out all the information gathered in the learning stage and determine what should be used in the web site and on which page or pages it should be placed for the maximum benefit. Your site is then organized into pages. There are certain pages that almost every site needs to have, and each page is important and has a specific purpose. This is extremely important as it relates to search engines. Many people do not realize that search engines rank pages not web sites.

Your Home Page is like the front door of your business. It welcomes your potential customer and it is often making your potential customer’s first impression of your business . . .  and you know what they say about first impressions! You want your homepage to be welcoming and also motivate your potential customer to learn more about your business by continuing to click on other pages of interest to them.

Your About Page tells the potential customer everything they should want to know about your company including who you are and who are the people behind your company. This is your chance to tell them why they should have confidence in choosing your company over your competition. That is often the first step toward turning a prospect into a customer. This alone is often enough for them to want to contact you.

Your Contact Page should offer several contact options. This way the customer can choose the form of contact that they prefer. You should offer and email address, phone numbers, a contact form, and a fax number if you have one. If your business has a physical bricks and mortar presence, your contact page should include a “live” Google Traffic Map and detailed directions on how to get there from a major highway or landmark.  We recommend showing a photo of the business, so the visitor knows what they are looking for if they choose to visit in person.

The pages described above are more or less mandatory for every web site. The content of the rest of the pages depends on what your web site is about and what you want your new web site to accomplish. These pages might describe services or products you company offers and anything else you want them to know. You should also consider posting a customer reviews page or area if appropriate and provide a “Links” page to non-competitive but related sites.  Search engines like outbound links as well as inbound links and such a page can help your web site’s search engine rank. Consider an interactive blog where you can post company or industry news, updates, and other useful information and even allow visitors to post messages and make comments publicly. These can be moderated or unmoderated.

Basic SEO

Every web site’s pages need to offer the visitor information in a form that is easily understood by humans. But just as important is that it needs to be optimized to be interpreted by machines such a search engine robots like Googlebot. We include basic SEO while we develop each web site. BUT . . . you can never do too much SEO. If you have the budget for it, you should do as much as you can. Read more about Search Engine Optimization on our SEO page.

Responsive Design

Web sites today need to be of a Responsive design so they will display correctly on all devices from Smart TVs to Smart Phones and everything else in between. Talk to us about making your new site responsive. Google has started to degrade the ranking of web sites that are not responsive to the format of such devices.

Please contact Masscot Internet, Inc. for more information and a free consultation about how we can help your business through effective use of the Internet.

Meeting In Person

Masscot Internet is based in and has operated continuously from West Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA for over a quarter century. Since our business is online and our customers are located all over the United States and beyond we do not have a formal bricks and mortar office. We meet with customers by appointment, when requested, often at their offices. All of our equipment is located in a world-class data center in Lansing, MI, which our staff accesses remotely from their various locations.

Contact us by Phone

Phone: 508-778-4500

We are available by phone 7 days a week, 365 days per year from 9:00 a.m. until 11 p.m. New York Time. After hours and if we are busy helping other customers, your call will be directed to voice mail. Please leave us a message and we will return your call as quickly as possible, often within minutes.

Customers are requested to use our support system whenever possible for fastest service.


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