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Our Servers and Data Center

Our Servers

Dell EMC PowerEdge R620 10-Bay 2.5″ 1U Servers with 32 effective cores with 128 GB 32 effective cores)
Dell RAID Controller
Dell 1.6TB MLC SATA SSD 2.5″ 6Gbps MU (4x for RAID10 array + 1 hot spare) – 3.2TB usable SSD storage
Dual Dell 750W 100-240V 80+ Power Supplies
iDRAC7128GB [16x 8GB] DDR3 PC3-10600R ECC Memory Remote Access Enterprise License

The Data Center

Our servers are located in a 40,0000 square foot “Tier II” data center with an under-floor cabling system with trays and multiple connections to telco fiber rings. It has an advanced security system, a 24-hour Network Operation Centre, a fire suppression system, and an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) backed up by a high-capacity generator. Our servers are locked in secure cabinets.

Cooling System

There is N+1 redundancy on all mechanical components and a double interlocked pre-action dry pipe fire suppression system with hot and cold containment available for individual high-density cabinets through a heat removal door,  with closed loop glycol CRAC units with individual dry coolers on the roof. The data center has  centralized chiller units with air handling units.

Security Systems

The data center is secured by a Centralized Card Access Control System with Dual Factor Biometric Authentication and 24×7 security, and a full access control system with proximity card readers, advanced video surveillance, with 90 days of video retention, and Man trap, secure turnstile access.

Power Resources

N+1 mechanical infrastructure with a primary utility feed of 4MW. All components are N+1 redundancy on UPS: Data Room 1 – APC Symmetra 80 kW and 250 kW; Data Room 2 – 450 kW Liebert 610; Data Room 3 – Liebert 675 kW NXL, 1 x natural gas and 2 x diesel generators with N+1 redundancy, a 2.5MW Diesel, 2.225MW Diesel and 2MW Natural Gas. Adequate fuel storage for minimum of 54 hours on full load, available natural gas generator to supplement & increase runtime if required. Cabinet power is three phase 208V 30A – monitored through in-cabinet PDU.


Carrier-neutral Direct access to low-latency, reliable and redundant connectivity with two diverse building entry points for fiber connections. Carrier Meet-Me Rooms for colocation of carrier network equipment and Aptum network equipment. All network equipment is dedicated UPS/battery backup to ensure uptime.

Emergency Preparedness

The Data Center has a 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) on-site, 24×7 Smart Hands & Eyes availability for customers’ technical assistance needs, generator power backup in the event of a power outage, and Disaster recovery requirements supported by Aptum.