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If you have a bricks and mortar store in the United States you should be selling online. But, If you are not selling online, it is important that you read this.

Ecommerce sales have been growing at a constant rate of 14% annually for several years. This far exceeds the overall retail sales growth rate in the United States for the same time period.

According to the U. S. Census Bureau,  first quarter 2015 retail sales in the United States grew by 1.6%,  since first quarter 2014. In the same time period eCommerce sales grew by 14.6%. When comparing the retail sales in the U.S.  fourth quarter 2014, to first Quarter 2015 U.S. retail sales declined 1.5% while at the same time ecommerce sales increased by 3.5% in only 3 months.

There is little doubt that eCommerce is the future of retail sales and you should embrace it now if you have not already.  Online stores are the great equalizer between stores large and small. It helps small stores reach the same customers as the giant mega-stores. Masscot Internet has developed online stores from those selling a single item to an online mega-store offering over 100,000 items online. We can help to develop your online store too!

Masscot can develop an ecommerce store for any business regardless of size. With over 20 years of experience building hundreds of sites, Masscot Internet’s web design and development team can help you expand your store’s reach to the whole world around the clock.  It can even make sales for you when you are asleep.

Our ecommerce sites are developed on WordPress,  the best and most popular web site platform in existence. WordPress, when combined with the Woocommerce plugin, has become one of the most widely used ecommerce systems in the world.  Its software has been downloaded over 7 million times and Woocommerce is now used on 14% of all ecommerce web sites in the world.  It is also likely to get even better. Woocommerce and Automattic, the parent company of WordPress has recently announced that they have merged. We are confident that great things will come of this joining of forces.

Whether you are just considering selling online or you already are operating an online store and wish to upgrade, we are here to help you by apply our extensive twenty years ecommerce experience to helping you make your online store successful. Give us a call today at 508-778-4500 or Contact Us here.

Meeting In Person

Masscot Internet is based in and has operated continuously from West Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA for over a quarter century. Since our business is online and our customers are located all over the United States and beyond we do not have a formal bricks and mortar office. We meet with customers by appointment, when requested, often at their offices. All of our equipment is located in a world-class data center in Lansing, MI, which our staff accesses remotely from their various locations.

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