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STOP! Don’t register that domain name!

domain-registrationsDon’t register that domain name until you talk to the SEO experts at Masscot. Web site domain names are an extremely important part of search engine optimization. The right domain name can give you a distinct advantage in the search engines. The wrong domain name can seriously hurt your search engine rank in search engines like Google or Bing.  Talk to us! We can help you get it right and our domain name consultation is FREE when you register with us!

Anyone can own as many domain names as they want! There is no limit on the number of domains that a web site can have. Each well-chosen domain name can help bring specifically targeted potential customers to your web site. In other words, there can be many paths for potential customers to arrive on your web site. You should have several different domain names, each domain targeted to a particular audience or product or service you provide.

Try to get a domain name that says your company name if you can, especially if it is a .com TLD (Top Level Domain). But unfortunately, there are not many good .com domains left. A .com TLD is generally the best kind to have if possible. This is because everyone thinks of .com first. If a .com with your company name is not available, don’t worry, we know ways to get around that problem effectively. Contact Masscot’s SEO experts  or call us at 508-778-4500 today and we can help you with that creatively. But a single domain name is usually not enough.

There are many reasons for this. Let’s assume that your company is not yet a super famous household word! There are lots of potential customers out there looking for a company like yours, but they don’t know you by name.  Since they don’t know your company by name, they will look for your product or service in a particular geographic area.  Do you have a domain names that say what you do and where you do it?  You if not you should!

But, unless you are an expert in the field of SEO or Domain Name Registration,  get some help from the SEO Experts at Masscot Internet. Don’t waste money buying domain names that won’t help you.  The best part is that if you register your new domain names with us, the consultation is free. We can help you choose the right domain names to help boost your company’s  search engine rank.  We fully manage the domain names registered through us at no extra charge.

Please take advantage of our quarter century of domain name experience. Avoid the hassle of tricky of do-it-yourself domain name registration services that provide little support and then try to load you up with trumped up extras most domain owners don’t need.  These add-on are really designed to move money from your wallet to theirs. Many of these add-on services will and even work against your success.  Once they have you locked in with loss leader prices they make it hard to switch. Avoid the hassle, call Masscot today at 508-778-4500 or use our Contact Page for hassle free, honest, full service domain name registration that includes FREE domain management service. It is not an add-on it’s standard with Masscot.

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Masscot Internet is based in and has operated continuously from West Yarmouth, Cape Cod, MA for over a quarter century. Since our business is online and our customers are located all over the United States and beyond we do not have a formal bricks and mortar office. We meet with customers by appointment, when requested, often at their offices. All of our equipment is located in a world-class data center in Lansing, MI, which our staff accesses remotely from their various locations.

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