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Masscot Internet, LLC Founded in 1988

35 years anniversary badgeMasscot Internet, LLC was founded in September 1988 as Masscot Information Services. Today, we are one of the oldest and longest running internet companies in the world. We are proud to still be working from Cape Cod under the same management for the past 35 years.

The Early Years

Initially named Masscot Information Services, we helped local businesses computerize and communicate with customers and other companies through email and texting.

Our First Websites

When the World Wide Web first became publicly available in 1993, Masscot immediately embraced the new technology and created its first home page. It was for a local labor union. This marked the beginning of our journey in designing and developing websites, which has been an integral part of our service offerings ever since.

Hundreds of Web Sites

Over the decades, out team has designed and developed hundreds of websites for a wide range of customers and purposes. These websites include; labor unions, restaurants, real estate offices, gift shops, marinas, tourism sites, movie and television websites, motion picture websites, film companies, business consultants, medical billing practices, police departments, police K-9 websites, dentists, nurseries, shopping malls, boat lines, art galleries, security companies, photographers, among others.

Our clients include gold and platinum record winning musicians, and record producers, internationally famous Grammy-nominated singers, and world famous film and TV actors and producers.

At Masscot Internet, we have developed e-commerce stores that range from a single product to over 100,000 items, and configured others for offering online room and cottage reservations, membership management for organizations, some with mixed private and public areas. We have also designed websites in foreign languages.

Web Hosting added in 1997

In 1997 we started hosting our own websites as well as for other web site designers and developers. We are not a mass market hosting company. We specialize in WordPress hosting for business sites and ecommerce websites built with WooCommerce.

Our servers are designed for speed, reliability and to be as fail-safe as possible using state-of-the-art Dell Power Edge Servers with RAID-10. RAID-10 allows us to host two copies of every site on two different independent SSD drives. For on of our websites to fail, both versions would need to fail at the same time, which is extremely unlikely since each has better than 99.9% uptime.

Now in 2023, as we celebrate 35 years of supplying online services to companies across North America, and a few in Europe and Asia. We promise to stay committed to delivering the exceptional services to our clients they have come to expect. Our principal staff includes experts in sales, tech support, SEO, programming, and online marketing.

Principal Members of Team Masscot

John McDonald

President - 1988 - Present
John founded Masscot in 1988. His duties include overall management, customer relations, sales, customer service SEO, and first line support. He also helps the other team members as needed.

Nick Zuev

VP - 2000 - Present
Nick works on customization, programming, web site design and development and SEO. Nick helps other team members as needed.

Serhiy Hryva

VP - 2006 - Present
Serhiy has been in charge of Masscot's Website Design and Development for over 10 years. He also helps other team members as needed.

Our staff members are backed up and aided by dozens of specialized engineers, programmers and other resources from the U.S. Canada,  and around the world.

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